Jacksonville Jaguars GM: Justin Blackmon’s NFL career likely over

Justin Blackmon’s once-promising NFL career appears to be over before it ever got off the launch pad.

Blackmon entered the league with tremendous expectations, but the troubled wideout quickly earned himself a permanent spot in the league’s doghouse, much to the chagrin of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He had earned some red flags for arrests in college, but his dark past was thought to be behind him for good.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

From his arrest for driving under the influence in 2012 to his two suspensions in 2013 for violating the league’s drug policy, Blackmon’s NFL career has been riddled with off-field trouble.

He has been indefinitely suspended by the league since the second occurrence in 2013, and Jaguars general manager David Caldwell doesn’t see a scenario where the team would bring him back. Even worse, Caldwell doesn’t think Blackmon will ever play in the league again, as reported by ESPN’s Mike DiRocco:

“I have not heard anything and I guess I harbor a little bit of hope but realistically I think when you’re away from the game for two-and-a-half years what you were once is not what you probably will be,” Caldwell said. “Your skills do erode and especially if you’re not staying in tip-top shape and you’re not in football shape.

“I don’t know to expect but I would say common sense would probably be if you haven’t played football in two-and-a-half years apparently that’s not a priority for you.”

The Jaguars drafted Blackmon No. 5 overall in 2012, and the young man had talent worthy of that selection. He caught 64 passes for 865 yards and five touchdowns in his rookie campaign, showing off excellent after-the-catch abilities.

It was thought he’d help turn the flagging franchise around, but instead Blackmon’s demons engulfed him and further damaged Jacksonville’s chances of succeeding.

Now, if Caldwell is correct, the former Oklahoma State star may go down as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history.

Photo Credit: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images