J.J. Watt shows off nasty scar on knee

By Jesse Reed

J.J. Watt won’t be playing football any time soon, but his recovery is coming along well based on video he shared Friday that showed off a brutal scar.

For the second time this week, Watt showed his fans that he’s able to walk without assistance. Here’s the first, from earlier this week as he walked on a treadmill.

Now here’s video Watt shared Friday, but be warned the scar is nasty.

Given the advances in modern medicine, many surgeries these days require far less of an incision than what we see there. However, Watt’s injury was much more severe than the average knee injury.

Watt was “devastated” back in October when the extent of the damage to his knee was known to once again shut down his season early due to an injury. Thankfully it looks like he’s in great spirits as he recovers.