J.J. Watt Schools Twitter Troll Over Not Being a Five-Star Recruit Tweet

By Rachel Wold

According to Rivals.com,┬áHouston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was a two-star recruit out of high school.┬áConsidering Watt is the best defensive player in the NFL, that high school ranking really means zilch at this point in Watt’s brilliant NFL career.

This Twitter troll seems to actual go after Watt because of his status as a recruit coming out of high school years ago:


This tweet did not go unnoticed by Watt, who schooled the troll:

You don’t mess with the current Defensive Player of the year. The troll’s tweet obviously sparked responses in defense of Watt, including this one:

Tweets attempting to discredit successful sports players are quite unbelievable. However, Watt handled this one with class, giving his fans yet one more reason to admire him.

Photo: USA Today Sports