J.J. Watt

The Pittsburgh Steelers have two of the three NFL Watt brothers, and their fans are desperate for the trifecta, J.J. Watt shared Wednesday night.

Watt appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” with both of his brothers, Derek and T.J. in a “Know Your Bro” segment that was highly entertaining.

During the interview, Watt described the lengths to which Steelers fans have gone to try getting him to join his brothers.

“Steelers fans are crazy. Steelers fans have been in my Twitter mentions, they’ve been on my Instagram page, they’ve been creating these mockups like ‘come join us, come join us.’ And I’m like, I don’t know if you understand how this works.”

How it works, for those who may not understand, is that the Houston Texans own the rights to J.J. Watt through the 2021 season. They inked him to a six-year, $100 million contract extension back in 2014, and he’s due to make $15.5 million in 2020.

So, as much as Steelers fans would love to have Watt join his brothers in Pittsburgh, barring another crazy trade by Bill O’Brien it’s not going to happen.

Jesse Reed
Managing Editor at Sportsnaut. Featured on Yardbarker and MSN.com, and formerly was a breaking news writer/NFL analyst for Bleacher Report.