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Get Max with Hulu: Watch All Your Favorites from Both Streaming Services

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Everyone loves ample choices when it comes to streaming services. Hulu’s recent expansion to include Max with Hulu covers exclusive channel add-ons, designed to give you the best experience possible by connecting you with your favorite Hulu exclusive shows and channels

Looking to add Max? With Max on Hulu, you can add the service to any base Hulu subscription, unlocking access to hit documentaries, shows, and movies such as Euphoria, Game of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and more. The Max addition to any base Hulu subscription is the ideal choice for anyone that wants to save on entertainment spending, but still want a wide variety of popular and cutting-edge choices to choose from. Below, we’re covering everything that you need to know about how to access Max on Hulu, and how you can benefit from adding the package to your Hulu subscription plan today. 

What is Max?

Max with Hulu is relatively new to the streaming service that launched in 2020 and partnered with Hulu for the Max Hulu package later that year. When you access Max, you can enjoy some of the most popular shows on television, such as favorites like Gossip Girl, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sex in the City, and more. The shows available on Max feature its unique taste and ‘feel,’ and include more scandalous and gripping plot lines than you may catch on cable channels or other streaming platforms. Hulu subscribers can stream Max with the Hulu Max add-on plan.

Why get Max with Hulu?

Hulu App
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When you choose the Max add-on for your Hulu plan, you get full streaming access for live channels, on-demand shows through Max, and exclusive movies. You can also watch MAX Originals through the app, which you gain access to through adding the Max service addition. 

While you can sign up for Max outside of Hulu through Max’s platform, you won’t have the convenient streaming benefits that Max offers through the platform, such as single-platform streaming and a seven-day free trial before committing to the add-on. Max Originals are included via the Max app when you choose to watch Max through the Hulu plan add-on. Apple TV doesn’t yet have this opportunity, leaving many consumers to enjoy Max on Hulu. 

How much is Max on Hulu? 

The add-on costs an additional $14.99 per month on top of the cost of your Hulu base plan. It’s a slight up-charge to bundle Max with your Hulu Max add-on plan instead of watching shows through the platform. The cheapest ad-based plan on the app costs $9.99 per month, but Max will require you to access two different apps to stream.

While the Max on Hulu add-on gives you in-platform access to live channels, on-demand shows, and movies, you can also watch MAX Originals in the Max app for no additional cost. However, there are some limitations with this plan. If you choose this add-on, you won’t be able to use Hulu’s recording tool to record shows. You can only watch them live as they air. That’s one of the reasons why many existing Hulu subscribers choose to add Max through the Max on Hulu add-on plan on their streaming service subscription. 

How to purchase the Max add-on through Hulu?

Choosing to add Max is simple. You can visit the sign-up page and pick your base plan of choice. From there, you’ll enter your billing information and confirm your email address. After you confirm your information, you’ll be able to log in through the Hulu app and enjoy any live channel, on-demand show, or Max movie in just a few taps. You can watch on up to two screens (or up to five if you choose a Hulu + Live TV plan), and you can unlock a seven-day free trial of the add-on in-app when you choose to add Max to your subscription plan. 

How to subscribe to Hulu?

After your free trial ends, you can subscribe to a Hulu account of your choice with the subscription addition. You’ll be given an on-screen prompt to sign up, taking you to the account selection page. You can then view shows on the Hulu or the app. Here’s what’s included in base account plans, as well as the pricing for each: 

PlanPrice Per MonthUnique Features
Hulu $7.99Full access to ad-supported streaming library, Student discounts starting at $1.99 per month
Hulu (No Ads) $13.99Full access to Hulu’s streaming library without ads, Access to “last night’s live” episodes of news and streaming networks 
Hulu + Live TV with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus $76.99Hulu streaming library + 90 live channel options to choose from, Unlimited Disney Plus and ESPN Plus access, showing fan-favorites like NFL RedZone
Hulu + Live TV (No Ads) with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus $89.99 Free download of select ad-free movies and shows, Unlimited streaming access with no ad breaks*, Full access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus libraries
*few listed exceptions

Is Hulu with Max worth it?

When you sign up for the subscription through Hulu, you’ll unlock full platform streaming access through a single source, instantly giving your viewing experience an upgrade. This add-on is a great choice if you’re looking for more immersive and intense content featuring global talent and award-winning shows. For the ease of streaming and dual platform access, choosing the Max plan is worth the cost, offering a more streamlined solution for your weekends in. 

While you can choose to purchase the Max subscription through the app, it’s faster, easier, and provides an overall stronger viewing experience to do it through Hulu. For the quality of your viewing experience alone, it’s worth paying the extra $5 through Hulu’s plan instead of the base Max subscription price. 


Is Max included with Hulu?

Max is not included in any of Hulu’s base plans. You can purchase the add-on at any time through the Hulu subscription page

What is the cheapest way to get Max?

The cheapest way to get Max is through its official app and website. However, you may encounter slower streaming rates and will have to view ads on Max’s base plan. 

How much does it cost to add Max to Hulu?

It costs $14.99 per month to purchase the Max add-on for Hulu. When you purchase the add-on, you can enjoy a streamlined watch experience through a single app.

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