Hugh Freeze blames ‘climate in America’ for him not having head coaching job

Disgraced former Mississippi head football coach Hugh Freeze is taking to the public as a way to defend himself after a scandal surrounding escorts cost him his job with the Rebels.

In speaking at the Little Rock Touchdown Club recently, Freeze noted that today’s current climate in America has prevented him from getting another gig since Mississippi parted ways with him.

This is not a drill.

“I think the climate in America the last year probably affects a lot of administrator’s decision making,” Freeze said. “If they don’t take the time to really hear what our story is, they probably can come quick to make some type of judgement. Maybe that happened. Maybe it didn’t.”

Well, that’s a bit of a stretch.

Freeze is talking about the SEC in particular. When Alabama head coach Nick Saban reached out to his former rival in an attempt to hire him as the program’s offensive coordinator, the SEC itself stepped in (more on that here).

What story does Freeze have to tell here, exactly? Tasked with molding the minds of countless young men, he decided to use that role for illegal personal gain.

Reports following his resignation showed that Freeze made at least 12 calls to escort services from a university-issued cellphone.

Pointing to some sort of an ultra-PC culture in the United States isn’t really going to go over well with the masses. Sure, there’s been a push to respect women more in society today. As if that’s somehow a bad thing.

If individuals like Freeze are those impacted the most by this modern reality, it’s probably the best thing that can happen. Apparently, the disgraced former head coach refuses to accept that. Instead, he’s out here playing the victim card. How fun.