Houston head coach thanks Texas for offering shelter during Hurricane

Major Applewhite Houston Cougars

University of Houston head coach Major Applewhite released a statement on Friday afternoon thanking the University of Texas for allowing his team to relocate to Austin during Hurricane Harvey. The city of Houston could get hit hard by the storm this weekend. It’s good to see help extended to the team this way.

“We are grateful to the University of Texas and its football program for opening their doors to us. We are also thankful to the other programs across the state of Texas that offered shelter to our program during this time,” the statement reads in part.

The Cougars open up on the road, at UT-San Antonio next week and in Arizona after that, a lucky break given the potential devastation the hurricane could cause.

Hopefully all residents of Houston and the gulf coast stay safe as Harvey hits. The storm is currently classified as a Category 3 Hurricane with winds as high as 120 mph on Friday evening.