Heinz offers Patrick Mahomes ketchup for life with one caveat

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes pretty much threw the entire NFL world for a loop on Thursday when the MVP candidate told reporters that he likes ketchup on both his macaroni and cheese as well as his steak.

Most people were not forgiving to this clearly flawed foodie take. Some even called on the Chiefs to trade Mahomes. How can such an incredible football player be so bad when it comes to this food thing? Twitter really wanted to know.

The good news for Mr. Mahomes? Heinz has actually offered him ketchup for life should he score 57 touchdowns this season.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Heinz 57. A total of 57 touchdowns. Get it? Good.

Mahomes has 33 total touchdowns through 10 games. This puts him on pace for 53 touchdowns. Here’s to hoping Mahomes reaches 56 or accumulates 58 touchdowns. A grateful nation hangs in the balance.