Hazardous air quality from fires could threaten Oregon, Oregon St. games

Two college football games slated to take place Saturday could potentially be changed due to hazardous air quality stemming from wildfires in Oregon. Oregon is set to host Nebraska, while Oregon State is scheduled to host Minnesota, but both games could be threatened.

“Oregon and Oregon State have been working closely with the relevant regional air protection agency, the Pac-12, and their own medical personnel to monitor and access the air quality situation since the fires broke out and they will continue to do so,” the statement from the Pac-12 reads, per Andrew Greif of The Oregonian. “Based upon the information provided by the air protection agency and the expert health and safety advice of the respective University medical professionals, a decision will be made on whether or not to adjust game times and/or dates with the safety of student-athletes and fans as a priority.”

Here’s a quick visual to accompany this information that gives us an idea of what’s going on as of Tuesday.

That’s not anything nice. And that kind of air quality is certainly not healthy for anyone to breathe, especially not athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limit as it is.

Not surprisingly, Greif reports the Ducks moved their practice to a middle school near the coast to avoid these conditions. At this time, it’s not yet known if the air conditions we’re seeing now will linger into the weekend. If they do, you can be sure they will not take place this Saturday in Oregon.