Hawks become latest team to embrace neurological technology

The Atlanta Hawks have recently become the second NBA team to enter a partnership with SyncThink.

SyncThink works in neurotechnology with foundational IP in eye tracking analytics. The Hawks will use it to track the fatigue of the players throughout the year. This will help cut the risk of injuries.

 “The NBA team will deploy the EYE-SYNC technology to be used by both performance and medical staff to monitor the players for the accumulation of fatigue during the season, as well as to proactively identify risks that could lead to injury,” the official release said.

SyncThink has many high-profile partners in the medical world, as well. These include Kaizen Brain Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Health Care, The Tanner Clinic, Walter Reed and Washington Township Medical Foundation.

In the academic world, SyncThink is partnered with the Pac-12 Conference (and 10 of its member schools), and universities such as Georgia, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, North Carolina State, Notre Dame and Texas.

In the professional sports world, the Hawks are in good company, as well. SyncThink is also partnered with the two-time reigning NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors.

The partnership with Atlanta is exciting for SyncThink.

“The Atlanta Hawks are an ideal collaboration for us in many ways,” SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson said. “As we partner with more cutting edge organizations, we’re realizing they too have novel ideas about how they want to utilize and interpret the data they’re collecting, in an effort to better understand fatigue and the risks associated with poor visual attention. It’s very exciting to consider the possibilities.”

CEO, Laura Yecies added “We are thrilled that the Atlanta Hawks have selected SyncThink as part of their ambitious health and performance optimization plan.”

More information about SyncThink can be found at SyncThink.com.