Hall of Famer calls Cowboys a bunch of losers

NFL Week was a struggle for Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys.

Charles Haley spent five seasons of his Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys, and he’s not pleased with the current edition of the franchise.

While appearing on ESPN Dallas (h/t Dallas Morning News), Haley said the team took its 13-3 record in 2016 for granted, just expecting to show up and win the Super Bowl in 2017. The defensive said he blames everybody for the letdown last season.

“I go over there and I tell guys, ‘Man, Jerry built this house for a bunch of damn losers.’ And they get mad. They have to do something about it. I can’t do anything about it, I can’t play. All I can do is give you some knowledge. “

Haley also criticized players for being active on social media rather than studying their playbook and learning “how to rush, catch and block.”

On one hand, that’s an old-school attitude worthy of a scoff or two. The Philadelphia Eagles, for example, started wearing masks celebrating their “underdog” status in the playoffs, something that wouldn’t happen in Haley’s era.

Yet they won the Super Bowl. Players are allowed to enjoy being alive.

But yes, Haley has an impressive resume. He earned a place in the Hall of Fame, regularly appeared in Pro Bowls and celebrated five titles. He’s well within his right to criticize a poor season by a former team.

It’s safe to say that until the Cowboys win a ring, Haley probably won’t change his tune.