Greg Olsen seen on sideline wearing boot, using crutches

By Jesse Reed

It’s too early to tell how severe Greg Olsen’s foot injury might be. But based on the fact he was seen being carted back onto the field Sunday, wearing a boot and sporting crutches, it seems the Carolina Panthers tight end might be out a while.

Olsen had previously been ruled out of the game with a foot injury after initially being ruled probable to return.

The Panthers have struggled offensively in Week 2 without Olsen, who is Cam Newton’s most reliable target when plays break down. They currently lead the Buffalo Bills at home, 6-0, but it’s been an ugly game by Newton and Co.

Olsen has been one of the NFL’s top tight ends the past few seasons. He recently inked a new contract, which the Panthers were happy to extend as a reward for his consistently excellent play. Needless to say, Carolina won’t be the same team offensively if Greg Olsen has to miss a significant amount of time this season.