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Green Bay Packers could make NFL history against Chicago Bears in Week 2

The Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears is one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Fittingly, the Packers will have a chance to take down their rival’s greatest record and make NFL history when they face off in Week 2.

Since the first Packers vs Bears game in 1921, these two iconic NFL franchises have exchanged blows. Each club has experienced being one of the best NFL dynasties ever. While Green Bay has more bragging rights as of late, helping secure a winning record over Chicago, the Bears have held onto a piece of NFL history.

  • Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears record: 103-95-6, Packers

The Bears are the winningest franchise in NFL history, holding an all-time record of 783 wins. While their placement in the record books is partially tied to them holding their first NFL season in 1920, it doesn’t change Chicago’s spot in the record books.

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However, that could all change in 2022. The Bears are toward the bottom of the NFL power rankings, heading into a season with many expecting them to have a top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. For Green Bay, who sits second on the NFL all-time wins list (782). It sets up a potentially fitting moment in the Packers vs Bears rivalry.

As first highlighted by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, the Packers could steal the record from the Bears in their Week 2 head-to-head matchup. It’s fair to say the NFL designed the schedule with that in mind, too.

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If the Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1, they will return to Lambeau Field for their home opener against Chicago. On a national stage with the Sunday Night Football crew covering the game, a victory would be the 784th win in Packers’ franchise history.

Naturally, this also allows the Bears to potentially serve as the spoiler. In a season with expectations fairly low, there aren’t going to be many opportunities to deflate their biggest rival and have a big moment on the national stage. Beating the Packers in Green Bay and preserving that piece of NFL history for a few more weeks would certainly feel right for the Bears’ faithful.

Considering the Packers have won six consecutive matchups against the Bears, though, it seems unlikely Chicago pulls off the upset. While Lambeau Field is always electric, the environment could be even wilder for fans who witness NFL history.

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