Grateful Mavs fan sends Dirk Nowitzki heartfelt card, money for ‘taking discounts’

Dirk Nowitzki
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Dirk Nowitzki has always been a team player. A guy who’s taken multiple team-friendly deals throughout his career (including his current contract), Nowitzki has always looked at the big picture more than his own bank account when it comes time to do a new contract.

At least one loyal Dallas Mavericks fan is grateful. Grateful enough to send Nowitzki a heartfelt card with some money in it, no less. The note reads: “You been taking discounts the past 6 years to help the team bring talent and a title… LUNCH IS ON ME BIG FELLA!”

Based on his smile and the fact he shared this with all his Twitter followers, this made Nowitzki’s day.