Golden Tate responds to picture showing him and wife wearing MAGA hats

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate took to Twitter Wednesday to address a controversy that arose over a picture of the receiver and his wife wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

For those counting, that’s 10 billion percent, which is a lot. It’s a visceral reaction to what was a stupid controversy by any objective measure — though Tate did clarify that he wore the hat a year ago at a Trump golf course.

Ironically, one year ago today was the Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio GOP Primaries, four of which were won by Trump. His victory in the Florida primary was considered a knockout blow for Sen. Marco Rubio, who ended his campaign that night.

Ultimately, Tate has the right to his own political views. Whether he supported, flirted with supporting or was altogether against President Trump shouldn’t matter, though it’s unsurprising that people care so much about it.