George Karl tags DeMarcus Cousins in perfect April Fools tweet

Courtesy of Steve Mitchell, USA Today Sports

Anyone who paid attention to the NBA about a half-decade ago can’t help but remember the feud between then Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl and high-maintenance center DeMarcus Cousins in California’s capital city.

Karl coached the Kings for parts of two seasons in 2014-15 and 2015-16. His departure from Sacramento predated the team trading away DeMarcus Cousins the following season.

Karl now has some jokes about that messy relationship. Check him out tagging Cousins with an absolutely brilliant April Fools’ joke on social media.

This is perfection in every definition of the word. At a time when we all have to be cautious about April Fools’ jokes, this is next-level stuff right here.

Job well done, Mr. Karl. No word yet on Cousins’ response. He should stay in character and keep this going.