Gary Kubiak on New PAT Rule: “I Think it will Change a Great Deal”

By Rachel Wold

The NFL’s new PAT rule—moving the extra point attempt from the two to the 15—could prompt teams to try for more two-point conversions this season. Weighing in on the subject, Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak discussed the impact of the rule and talked about having a two-point specialist available on the team (via ESPN).

“I think it will change a great deal.”

Kubiak reported that the rule will encourage other coaches to be more aggressive in attempting the two pointer. He also indicated that the Broncos are going to take special practice time to go for and defend two-point tries. Last season, the Broncos were successful on both of their two-point conversions.

In regards to converting the one-point kick after a touchdown, which will be attempted from either the 32 or 33-yard line depending on where the kicker likes the ball placed, Denver doesn’t have a solid feel for how successful it will be. The Broncos current kickers are Connor Barth and Brandon McManus. Barth converted on all six of his field goal attempts past the 33-yard line and McManus missed on his only attempt.

Photo: USA Today Sports