Game-worn apparel from Hunter Strickland-Bryce Harper brawl up for auction

Bryce Harper Hunter Strickland Giants Nationals

It’s not rare for MLB to put game used apparel up for auction. But some items from the Memorial Day game between the Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants are are up for sale that are sure to grab some attention.

The hat that Hunter Strickland wore during the fight, as well as his jersey from the brawl, are being auctioned off online. Though we have to warn you. They’re not going for cheap.

If you were buy these along with a Bryce Harper Fathead, you couldĀ mimic the now famed Memorial Day fracas — when nobody is looking, of course. Or, if you’re a Nationals fan or just someone who despises baseball’s unwritten rules, you could buy these and burn them.

The money goes to charity, anyway.

One drawback is thatĀ Harper’s helmet does not appear to be up for grabs. That truly is unfortunate. That could fetch top dollar from anyone wondering just what he had on it to cause his throw to miss so badly.

We can only hope that one day, MLB and the Nationals will see fit to put that up for auction, as well. Dare to dream.