Fred Jackson Doesn’t Plan to Make it Easy for LeSean McCoy to Take Over His Job

Veteran Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson currently serves as the team’s lead rusher from a season ago.

However, this might be a hard task to retain once running back LeSean McCoy gets on the field in 2015, especially considering new head coach Rex Ryan is expecting to give McCoy 300-plus rush attempts next year.

Dominating his territory, Jackson addressed reporters on the McCoy subject (via the Buffalo News).

They say (McCoy) is going to be the bell cow, but I’m not going to make it easy for him,” Jackson said. “I’m not going to just hand him the job.”

Unfortunately for Jackson, he may not have much choice. Ryan has hinted that he will become a role player, sharing touches with McCoy on third downs.

The Bills did not invest a five-year, $40 million deal to have McCoy only playing 10 or 15 snaps per game. The days of the two-headed running back committee in Buffalo are definitely over. Buffalo also possesses to solid backups behind McCoy and Jackson in the form of Anthony Dixon and Bryce Brown. It will be interesting to see if all four remain on the team.

Photo: USA Today Images