Four stinkiest games remaining on the 2016 NFL schedule

There have been some real stinkers fans have had to endure throughout the 2016 NFL season. Games so ugly, folks watching live simply got up and left. And viewers watching at home may have clicked over to the Real Housewives of Anywhere rather than remain tuned into the awful spectacle on the gridiron.

A prime example came back in Week 2. The Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams totaled only 12 points in an ugly Seattle loss. And more recently, fans were subjected to further visual torture in Week 13. Both the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets got absolutely annihilated by their opponents.

Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods yet. There are still a few more scary NFL matchups on the schedule.

New York Jets vs. San Francisco 49ers, Week 14

The Jets and 49ers implode on a weekly basis this year. Now we get to watch both teams add fuel to the dumpster fire, all wrapped up in one game.

The only positive thing here is one team might actually win, provided there is no tie.

The Jets have announced that Bryce Petty will start for the remainder of the year. But they could always pull a switch-a-roo when things predictably go haywire. They looked like a bunch of buffoons during their Week 13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, 41-10.

The 49ers have decided that Colin Kaepernick will start. Kap had been on a hot streak up until the frosty weather in Chicago threw him off his game last Sunday. He was utterly miserable and completed just 1-of-5 passes for four yards. He was also sacked five times. Enough was enough and the team called in Blaine Gabbert to close out the game. The 49ers were nearly shut out in a 26-6 loss.

It will take a strong stomach to watch these two teams hash it out this week. Otherwise, happy organizing to those who opt to detail the garage this Sunday instead.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans, Week 15

Blake Bortles

The AFC South is not exactly one of the more flashy divisions with 20 wins versus 28 losses on record. Sadly, the Jaguars have contributed only two wins. Brock Osweiler and the Texans are tied 6-6 with both the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans.

Week 14 will flip these standing around a bit. But there is little chance the Texans will be the AFC team represented in Super Bowl 51 once the dust settles. In the meantime, Houston and Jacksonville will battle it out, for what it is worth, in Week 15.

Notably, quarterbacks Osweiler and Blake Bortles, have combined for 28 interceptions versus 34 touchdowns. Bortles at least has the better chance of scoring. But someone needs to bring the vanilla ice cream to go on all those yummy turnovers bound to occur.

As boring as this game sounds, this dog and pony show must go on in the AFC South.

San Diego Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns, Week 16

As it stands, both teams sit at the bottom of their respective divisions. The Chargers have nothing more than a blip of a chance to play this postseason. This is taking into account the two games ahead of this one on the schedule.

Robert Griffin III

Cleveland is currently winless. Prior to this Week 16 game, the Browns will square off with both the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills. Considering Cleveland’s record and string of constant rotten luck, the team could be riding in at 0-14 when this game rolls around.

There is little to be excited about in this tilt when Philip Rivers and his best receivers square off against a decent Browns secondary. All we can do is enjoy Rivers’ classic interception-induced facial expressions. Equally dismal is the thought of Robert Griffin III playing as if he is attempting to salvage Browns sad season.

Those who have procrastinated on their holiday shopping until December 24 will be missing nothing. Just fight the mall crowds and punt this game down the field.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams, Week 16

Speaking of Christmas Eve, the Los Angeles Coliseum will be the unfortunate venue when the Rams host the 49ers. The Rams have hatched some real stinkers this season. This includes the 28-0 blowout loss against San Francisco in Week 1 — the last, and only time the 49ers won.

It is possible that the 49ers could be riding 3-12 when this game rolls around. But considering the Rams face the mighty offenses of the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks prior to this game, they could very well be at 4-11 by Week 16.

And, what if it is raining for those who have tickets? There is absolutely nowhere at the Coliseum to take shelter. Forget it if you need to stay dry. Rather, hide your eyes and drink to avoid the agony taking place on the field.

Fans considering watching this game really ought to weigh out their options. Listening to grandma’s classic stories and weird Uncle Jim’s tasteless jokes on holiday holds slightly more appeal than watching Jeff Fisher search for his red flag again.