Former UCLA star Billy Knight was arrested for abuse prior to suicide

The news that 39-year-old former UCLA basketball standout Billy Knight committed suicide shocked the entire sports world on Tuesday.

How could a man with so much to live for and one that’s so highly respected take his own life? Sadly, it’s becoming a paramount question in today’s society.

Though, new information coming out regarding Knight could tell us a much darker story than what those around the basketball world have told since his passing.

According to TMZ Sports, Knight was arrested in Arizona back in June and charged with six felonies, including “multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse and molestation of a child.”

The gossip rag goes on to note that the victim was only nine years old and the abuse allegedly took place inside her house. Given Arizona’s laws when it comes to abuse of minors, Knight was facing 50-plus years in prison if convicted.

It’s the latest layer in a dark and tragic story involving an all-time Bruin great.