Former Steelers star James Harrison blasts Mike Tomlin

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the brink of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2013. At least one former Steeler thinks that Mike Tomlin is to blame.

On Thursday, James Harrison went on ESPN’s “The Undisputed” and put Tomlin on blast — saying that the coach is most responsible for what’s gone wrong.

“I would have to give that to Mike Tomlin and the reason I give it to him because he’s the head coach,” Harrison said, H/T Dave Bryan, Steelers Depot. “He has to go out there and get this team ready. You’ve had instances where the defense plays well, you’ve had an instances where the offense plays well and you know that they’re capable of doing that.”

Harrison also noted that “the Achilles heel has been the defense not able to come through in the end.” In Pittsburgh’s most recent slide, that absolutely has been the case.

The Steelers enter Week 17 having lost four of their last five games. In all four of those losses, Pittsburgh held a lead in the second half. In three of them, the Steelers led in the fourth quarter. Making matters even worse is that two of those losses came to the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders — who are unequivocally not playoff teams.

Harrison also blasted Tomlin’s credentials. He did concede that Tomlin has won a Super Bowl and reached another. But he also called those “Bill Cowher-based teams.”

Harrison additionally also added that he didn’t think the Steelers would fire Tomlin — citing the organization’s phenomenal coaching stability. But he’s clearly unimpressed by his former coach.