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Former Seahawk Bruce Irvin backs up Cliff Avril’s claim about Pete Carroll

Former Seattle Seahawks pass rusher Cliff Avril dropped somewhat of a bombshell in a recent interview with Dave Damesheck of NFL Network. He said that Seahawks players started tuning head coach Pete Carroll out after Super Bowl XLIX, which ended when Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson.

Another former Seahawk, linebacker Bruce Irvin, now with the Oakland Raiders, agrees.

Carroll recently threw some shade at former Seahawks players Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett, basically saying the best thing about them is they were no longer part of the organization.

In fact, a report emerged earlier this year that Bennett, now with the Philadelphia Eagles, would actually read books during team meetings because he was tired of hearing Carroll say the same things.

It seems clear that those two weren’t the only veterans who got tired of the Carroll spiel, either.

One thing we know for certain is that the Seahawks haven’t been the same ever since that devastating Super Bowl loss. Whether that’s due to the players losing trust in the coach and tuning out the message or something else is a topic that’s certainly up for debate.