Zach Smith arrested for violating protection order

Former Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver coach Zach Smith was arrested on Thursday for violating a civil protection order in Delaware less than a year after it was filed.

Smith, who was accused of repeatedly abusing his ex-wife during their relationship, was taken into custody at the Delaware County Jail. The former coach reportedly confronted staff at his children’s elementary school when trying to pick them up, according to Kyle Rowland of The Toledo Blade.

Alarming allegations came out about Smith’s behavior in August regarding his actions while working for the Buckeyes. He later pled guilty to disorderly conduct charges in October, when his ex-wife was granted a three-year protective order.

Smith’s anger and willingness to lash out at others, including on social media, has been documented over the past year and this latest arrest follows a long line of incidents.

Needless to say, Smith’s days as a coach are certainly over. Now he will deal with the consequences of violating the protective order.