Former New York Jets player puts team on absolute blast

The New York Jets will enter the season as the team predicted to lose the most games. Continuing to add fuel to a team that is already a dumpster fire, former Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody put the squad on absolute blast recently.

On top of the Jets’ upcoming challenge of scoring points, Woody makes a valid point. Who will be scoring points this fall? The Jets cleaned house in the offseason, ridding themselves of several quality players. Things were so bad for former wide receiver Brandon Marshall that he too wondered┬áif the team would have enough guys to even lineup.

Things really cannot get much worse for a Jets team slated to crash and burn right out of the gate.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter who will be quarterbacking for the team. The receiving crew looks more like a skeleton crew and running backs Matt Forte and Bilal Powel cannot carry the offense alone.

For this, we must agree with what Woody said.