Former NBA player Glen Davis arrested on drug charges

Former NBA players Glen Davis might have earned north of $33 million during his eight-year career. But apparently, that’s not keeping him from trying to make some cold hard cash in the illegal drug trade business.

According to ABC 2 News in Baltimore, Davis was recently arrested in Maryland on drug charges. According to the report, Davis was held up at a hotel in Aberdeen last month when an employee smelt marijuana coming from his room. After someone inside the room explicitly told the employee to go away, police were called to the scene.

“They recovered 126 grams of marijuana,” Aberdeen Police Lieutenant William Reiber said, per the report. “In addition to that there was a brief case that contained 92,164 dollars of U.S. currency along with a ledger that contained language which is consistent with someone involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics.”

Said language included names of individuals that owed Davis money. Interestingly, Davis had given authorities hand-written permission to search the room. Considering what was found, that’s a tad surprising. Davis is set to appear in court next month.

A second-round pick of the then Seattle Sonics back in 2007, Davis played his first four NBA seasons with the Boston Celtics and won a title with the team as a rookie. He last suited up for the Los Angeles Clippers back in 2014-15.