Former MLB outfielder Eric Byrnes sets speed golf record

golf balls

If you go out to the golf course and find yourself playing behind former MLB outfielder Eric Byrnes, chances are that you won’t be waiting long. In fact, Byrnes recently set a record for the most holes played in a 12-hour period.

Using only an eight iron and nearly always on the run, Byrnes completed 245 holes at Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park in the 12-hour period.

“Byrnes, 42, played polo style, which meant swinging one-handed while on the run,” Daniel Brown of Bay Area News Group reported. “He slowed only to tee off or to putt once the ball was within 5 feet of the hole. His first 18 holes took a mere 41 minutes.”

In total, Byrnes ran 65.5 miles. Though, it’s worth noting that if your goal is to record a low score on the course, this is probably not the best way to do it.

Per Brown, the previous record was set by New Zealand’s Brad Luiten. In 2017, he played 237 holes in 12 hours without a cart. So, Byrnes broke the record with room to spare. It was also done for a noble cause, as the former MLB player raised upwards of $5,000 for non-toxic lymphoma research.