Five players most likely to take huge tumble in NFL draft

NFL draft

The 2017 NFL Draft is about to give many young men a chance to live out their dreams. It will also give some players reason to start their NFL careers with a huge chip on their shoulders after they experience the agony of waiting far longer for their names to be called than they ever thought possible.

Draft-day tumbles aren’t anything new. They happen every year. Players that have been hyped by the media end up taking a trip to the green room, only to wait uncomfortably as all their peers walk out the door and onto the stage for their moment in the spotlight. All the while, these unfortunate individuals are caught looking¬†nonplussed while cameras capture their every emotional reaction to being publicly spurned.

So which prospects from this year’s draft class might end up being subject to this agony? Which prospects are the most likely to see a draft-day tumble?

We’ll start with a quarterback who was at one point considered by many to be the top passer coming into the league in 2017.