Fastball: Documentary to be Released About the “Seminal Pitch”

It may take a director days, weeks, even months to figure out the perfect title for a film. However, this time it was rather easy.


Sounds boring doesn’t it? Well, it could be if you’re not a baseball nerd like myself.

“Fastball,” according to CBS Sports, is a documentary “that aims to celebrate baseball’s seminal pitch.”

There are many recognizable faces that will be interviewed in the making of the film. Hank Aaron, Goose Gossage, Derek Jeter and Justin Verlander are several of the baseball legends that will be discussing how a baseball can “boil down to the 396 milliseconds it take a 100 mph fastball to reach home plate.”

For the baseball geeks out there, the film brings a lot more to the table than just metrics:

“Fastball covers everything from the psychological warefare that Nolan Ryan calls a lost art to the neurobiological explanation for an oft-cited optical illusion produced by a ball thrown at the highest recorded speeds that seems to rise as it approaches the plate, says Nathaniel Vinton of the New York Daily News.”

It’s a little Big Bang Theory-esque, but that’s alright because the nerd gets the hot blonde.

The Tribeca Film Festival displayed the movie that has an approximate run time of 120 minutes—shorter than any baseball game if you don’t include the Yankees and the Red Sox.

The combination of famous baseball faces and the science behind America’s Favorite Pastime will draw you in. Plus, it lets us reconnect to the baseball nerd in all of us, and that nerd needs to be loved.

Photo: USA Today Sports