Fans go crazy over Bob Ross Night at minor league game

It’s been known that the Daytona Tortugas would have a Bob Ross Night on Friday, July 15, which would include a bobblehead. a first for the team. But one question still went unanswered. Just what would that bobblehead look like?

That’s a mystery no more.

Of course, that brings another question. There’s no question that this is a pretty sweet promotion idea. But how many people would it actually draw to the ballpark?

One enthusiastic fan showed up early to be the first in line.

As it turned out, that was smart. Plenty of people followed her.

The class painting class before the game drew a good crowd. As promised, we even got some solid Bob Ross wigs.

Of course, the excitement of the day was not just limited to the fans and the promotions team. Team manager and former MLB player Eli Marrero got into the spirit of things.

As did the concessions stands.

Minor League Baseball is full of promotions. The Tortugas appear to have given teams a pretty good model to follow for the future.