Falcons add $1 million to help stadium workers during COVID-19 work stoppage

Arthur Blank COVID-19
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons billionaire owner Arthur Blank has always been about the community and those in need. That has not stopped during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world.

While the human toll of the pandemic is starting to take shape in depressing fashion, the economic toll has also hit people hard.

That includes workers around the world being laid off as the economy continues to struggle with the pandemic. It’s in this that Mr. Blank set up a $5.4 million fund back in March to help workers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium financially through these hard times.

The Falcons have now added another $1 million to said fund.

This is no small gesture from Blank. At this point, it’s not as much about the NFL. The league is currently in its offseason and is planning to start the 2020 campaign on time in September.

Rather, it’s all about the events these individuals were originally scheduled to work at the newish venue during the NFL offseason. It’s going to help them through these most difficult of times.

As we’ve seen around the sports world, teams continue to step up when it’s needed the most. Our respect to the Falcons for doing what’s right.