Ezekiel Elliott: Woman whose top he pulled down had consensual sex afterwards

By Rachel Wold

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal hearing for his six-game league-mandated suspension has concluded. Part of the testimony that took place at the hearing involved the infamous St. Patrick’s Day parade incident.

Elliott attended a St. Patrick’s Day celebration when he was seen pulling a woman’s top down, exposing her bosom to the public. The NFL referenced the incident as part of its domestic violence investigation, apparently considering it relevant to Elliott’s suspension case.

According to information obtained TMZ Sports regarding Elliott’s appeal, he claims he had “consent” to pull down the woman’s shirt because she “wanted” him to. He further went on to reveal that the two of them had consensual sex after the parade and did so again on a different date.

Elliott also said that the woman did not actually give him permission to pull her top down at the time but later said she was “okay with it.”

Elliott also gave the following answer when asked what he thinks “consent” means.

 “I mean, I think consensual to me means it’s wanted. I mean it’s okay,” Elliott said, per TMZ Sports.

The decision on Elliott’s appeal hearing is expected by Tuesday. It would seem that Elliott thinks this testimony will be helpful in his case.