Ezekiel Elliott wearing ‘SILVER STRONG’ bracelet to support teenager fighting cancer

It’s a simple gesture for Ezekiel Elliott. The Dallas Cowboys running been wearing an orange bracelet this year around his wrist tape, and now we know why.

Over the summer, Elliott and other Ohio State players had been contacted by 14-year-old Halle Silver, whose brother is fighting cancer. Elliott reached back to her, asking for a “SILVER STRONG” bracelet to help support her family and brother, Jake, as he fought his battle.

“They were big Ohio State fans and the kid is undergoing chemotherapy and stuff this year and they wanted me to wear the bracelet,” Elliott said Friday, per Jori Epstein of SportsDay. “I told him I’d wear it all season.

“I had it on even preseason,” Elliott said.

Elliott has needed a steady supply of the bracelets, which snap easily under the stress of an NFL game. That hasn’t been a problem, however, as Elliott shared he “got a whole bunch of them” to wear this season.

He’s going to continue wearing these bracelets throughout the playoffs until the Cowboys reach the end of their road — however far that takes them.

The gesture by Elliott has made a big impact on the Silver family.

“Jake doesn’t show a lot of emotion, but when he first saw Ezekiel wearing the bracelet during a game, we paused the TV to see it,” Melissa Duca (Jake’s mom) said, per Cindy Boren of the Washington Post. “Now I have a page in our yearly photo album with pictures of him wearing the bracelet. It is fun to see and something to look forward to on Sundays.”

Elliott definitely understands how much his simple gesture helps Jake.

“Part of being a fan is they want to feel involved,” Elliott said, “like they’re there. It’s inspirational for him to see me out there having the year I am, wow, wearing something that’s personal and close to him – I feel like we kind of have a connection there.

“He feels like he’s a part of it. He feels like he’s there with me.”

It’s a touching story of a young man with a huge stage to make a big impact having a huge heart for someone in need of a boost.

Elliott and the Cowboys are hosting the Green Bay Packers this Sunday for the chance to advance to the NFC Championship Game next weekend.