Extra security will be in place in Mexico to avoid another Tom Brady jersey incident

Mexico hosts quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots when they play the Oakland Raiders in Week 11. It is reported that extra security will be in place to be sure no game jerseys go missing in the locker rooms.

“Jerseys of NFL players will be protected at Azteca Stadium, according to a Mexican newspaper (h/t Emily Green of SF Gate).”

This could be an issue considering Brady’s 2017 Super Bowl jersey was stolen by a reporter in the locker room following the team’s victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Fortunately, Brady’s jersey was recovered in Mexico the next month. According to this report, both the Patriots and Oakland Raiders will have extra security measures in place in the team’s locker rooms.

Though, NFL spokesman Michael Signora refuted the idea that the stolen jersey incident would prompt the NFL to exercise increased precaution.

“The standard NFL policy is in effect in Mexico,” Signora said. “The post game policy remains unchanged and there is nothing different at all about it.”

Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see if all game jerseys and memorabilia make it back to the United States without a snag.