Ex-Vikings OL wants to return to NFL despite congenital brain condition

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Just a few years after former Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Mike Harris was diagnosed with a congenital brain condition, the former starting offensive guard now eyes a return to the field more than two years after he retired.

Offensive guard Mike Harris, who started in all 16 games for Minnesota during the 2015 season, told the Pioneer Press that he now eyes a return to action as his condition continues to improve.

Harris missed the 2016 season after being placed on the non-football illness list. He suffered a medical scare during a practice in 2016 then experienced vision issues at home before visiting the Mayo Clinic. At the clinic, doctors diagnosed him with brain arteriovenous malformation, which occurs when abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins tangle in the brain.

The 31-year-old currently works for the NFL as a uniform inspector during games. However, with a trip to the Mayo Clinic scheduled for after the season, he is hoping to create his own comeback story.

“That would be a cool comeback story, wouldn’t it?’’ Harris said, via the Pioneer Press. “It would truly be a miracle. But anything’s possible. I just turned 31, so I’m a little bit older, but my body feels great. The only thing that made me retire is just one little thing in my brain, but the rest of my body is excellent.’’

If Harris can receive medical clearance to play, hopefully, he is given a chance to work out for an NFL team. Even if he isn’t, though, it’s good to see he is still involved in football and living his life without restrictions.