Ex-NFL star Steve Smith destroys bitter fan on Twitter

Former Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith Sr. wasn’t known for having much patience when it came to people talking trash to him on the field. In fact, Smith was usually the guy dishing out the insults at a rapid pace.

Apparently that habit has carried over from his playing career to real life now that Smith is retired from football and working in media with NFL Network.

Some fan was upset about an encounter with Smith at a mall and took to Twitter to express his displeasure because Smith apparently didn’t “talk to me or even take a selfie.”


Smith got wind of this tweet and responded with a couple of tweets at “Noah,” including a couple of pretty intense burns.



Then someone else saw these messages and scolded Smith for not acting like a professional athlete.


It’s really easy to understand why Smith is upset. Being famous cannot be comfortable all the time, and when you’re out with your family after a long week of work you just want to relax.

Fans should be more sensitive to this, yet it’s hardly surprising that many are not.