Eric LeGrand has reached out to Ryan Shazier to offer support

If anyone knows what Ryan Shazier is going through right now, it’s Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed while playing football for Rutgers in 2010.

LeGrand told TMZ Sports that he has reached out to Shazier to offer any assistance he can, “whether it’s advice, friendship or doctor recommendations.”

“We’re sending him a bunch of Team LeGrand stuff. I’m sending him my book and I’m hoping everything works out well for him because he’s in our prayers and we’re there for him.”

Shazier is said to be making incremental progress as he recovers from a back injury suffered on Monday night a few weeks back against Cincinnati. He was at the Pittsburgh Steelers game last weekend in the owner’s box and visited the team’s practice facility in a wheelchair Saturday, wheeling himself around for the first time.

Still, at this point we have no idea if Shazier will make a full recovery, and details about feeling/mobility in his lower body are scant.

He has been receiving a ton of support from his brothers around the NFL, and from fans worldwide. One of the best overall linebackers in the league, Shazier was having a phenomenal season for the Steelers in 2017 before his back injury, tallying 89 tackles, 10 defended passes, one fumble recovery and three interceptions