Eight teams most likely to bungle the 2017 NFL Draft

2017 NFL Draft

Teams that consistently find players through the draft build rosters capable of contending over the long haul. Teams that struggle in this department find success hard to come by. It’s this group we’re focusing on as the 2017 NFL Draft waves at us from across the room.

Every season offers each team an equal opportunity to improve its fortunes. Some teams just have a terrible track record at identifying players who will develop into viable starters over the long haul. Not surprisingly, some of the teams most likely to bungle their 2017 NFL Draft are picking near the top.

We’re giving teams like the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts — franchises that have recently been awful in the draft — a pass as they are under new management.

So which teams are most likely to fail miserably this April in Philadelphia when it’s time to make the tough choices?