Eight big-name NFL players who could be cut

Adrian Peterson, running back, Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson

Like Charles, Peterson’s ability to stay healthy is a big issue the Vikings need to address.

He missed all but three games last year due to a knee injury, his second major knee injury as a pro. Though, he had a huge season in 2015, rushing for 1,485 yards and 11 touchdowns.

None of that really matters too much, because unlike Charles, Peterson’s contract is a monster. He’s due to haul home $18 million — $18 MILLION!

That’s quarterback money right there.

There is absolutely no way the Vikings are going to let that stand. And Peterson has already started talking about teams he’d like to play for next season (more on that here). A divorce is inevitable.

This isn’t to say Peterson can’t still put together a productive season. It just won’t be with the Vikings.