Eagles Report Tim Tebow is there to Compete for Quarterback Job

The Philadelphia Eagles almost literally have the biggest circus in town. It’s actually comparable to the Ringling Brothers with Chip Kelly running the show.

It also consists of quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley.

While nothing should surprise us when it comes to the Eagles’ offseason moves, many questioned why the team chose Tebow of all quarterbacks to add to the mix. Shedding a bit of light to that situation, Sanchez previously indicated that Tebow was signed solely to practice while Bradford recuperates from his ACL injury.

That’s an assessment that Kelly recently refuted in an appearance on the NFL Network over the weekend.

No. I think everybody here that we bring to our organization is here to compete for a job. That’s what Timmy is going to do. He’s an unbelievable competitor.

Throughout the years, Kelly has gone from not being a fan of Tebow to thinking he’s the best thing to come to Philly since spreadable cream cheese. And it definitely sounds like Sanchez and Kelly are on opposite pages.

Kelly even threw a joke in there when chatting about the much maligned Tebow.

If we were just going to have guys throw drills, we’d take [Mike] Mayock in the offseason and bring him down here and let him throw to them.

With this latest news, it appears that Sanzhez has more than Bradford to worry about as the competition to become the Eagles’ starting quarterback. Then again, Kelly could be blowing hot air. That’s not necessarily rare for him right now.

Photo: USA Today Sports