Eagles’ Lane Johnson fires back at Cowboys star

Courtesy of Si.com

The NFC East rivalry is already heating up and we’re just a couple weeks into the summer.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ bold decision to sign Carson Wentz to a record-breaking extension Thursday, Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence had something to say.

It might have taken him several hours, but Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson just responded in kind.

This is how you make social media great again. Tremendous usage of Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard in the tweet.

It’s well known that there’s no love lost between the Eagles and Cowboys. This might now be taken to a whole new level.

As it relates to Wentz’s contract, it could have an impact on what Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott receives after he turned down an extension from the team earlier this offseason.

What might Mr. Lawrence have to say about that?