Dwight Howard puts Russell Westbrook on absolute blast

This is about as cute as it gets. Not necessarily known for being a team-first guy, future Hall of Fame center Dwight Howard apparently doesn’t look in the mirror too often. If he did, the malcontent might very well know when to shut his mouth.

For some reason, Howard was asked about the entire Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City Thunder dynamic during a recent interview on ESPN’s Get Up. The question framed to Howard was about who on Oklahoma City’s roster should have sacrificed more during a disappointing 2017-18 season.

His response was about as ridiculous as it gets.

“I would say Russ because Russ has the ball more times in his hands,” Howard said. “And I watched Carmelo and Paul George at times, and they were just standing there, watching. Late in the games, I think the ball should have been more in Carmelo’s hands because he’s more of a closer. Paul George, he’s that guy that’s going to get you the 20-30 points between the first and the third quarter.”

Carmelo Anthony is more of a closer? Was it the two assists he put up in five games against the Utah Jazz in Round 1 of the playoffs that suggests this? What about the 14 points on 5-of-13 shooting in the final two games? Does that move the needle in Anthony’s direction? After all, he was out there averaging a triple-double during the 2017-18 season like Westbrook, right?

Having played for three different teams over the past three seasons, Howard likely isn’t the voice of reason when talking about another team’s drama. Sure the Thunder fell short of expectations. They were built to contend for a title after adding Melo and Paul George this past season. Instead, OKC fell in the first round against a much less talented Jazz squad.

Even then, Howard’s opinion on the matter should probably have been kept to himself. He’s only coming off as a tool here. It’s certainly not a good look.