Drew Brees comments on his sons’ ‘WWE’ activities during Pro Bowl

The best thing that happened in the Pro Bowl Sunday revolved around Drew Brees, but it had nothing to do with his play. His three sons became an Internet sensation when two of them started fighting during a sideline interview, much to the delight of social media users all over the place.

When it happened, Brees was not a happy camper, and he had some words with them. After the game, however, he was more amused than anything else.

“The boys were just…it was like a WWE wrestling match on the sideline. They had more, like, chalk all over them, and pellets in their face and hair. They hit the ground out there I think more than anybody else combined.”

Personally, this scribe couldn’t stop watching the video of the two brothers slugging it out. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen on a football field in quite some time, and it’s clear that Brees and his wife have their hands full with that trio.