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Draymond Green roasts Dillon Brooks in response to criticism from Memphis Grizzlies swingman

Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors have plenty of beef with Dillon Brooks and the Memphis Grizzlies. This dates back to last season’s playoff matchup, where the Warriors eliminated the Grizzlies from contention.

While there were several smaller individual battles that led to tension on both sides, Brooks’s hard foul on Gary Payton II, which left the athletic swingman injured for the rest of the postseason, may have been the worst.

Ultimately, Brooks was clearly bitter about the Grizzlies’ loss to the Warriors and even went so far as to call Golden State “old” after the matchup.

While that was nearly a year ago now, Brooks re-ignited the flame with some harsh words for Green earlier this month. In typical fashion, Green, who hosts his own podcast titled The Draymond Green Show, responded in a big way.

You really have to see the clip for yourself to get a strong sense of Green’s pure laughter here, but we’ll provide a breakdown as well.

Green starts out hot out of the gates, calling Brooks an “idiot” after the Grizzlies swingman said he “didn’t like Draymond at all.” But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Green couldn’t help but continue rubbing salt in Green’s wounds, reminding the Grizzlies wing who eliminated them from the playoffs a year ago. Brooks tried to suggest that Green talks a lot, but the four-time NBA champ feels he’s earned it while also getting another jab in, wondering how much louder the Memphis player would become if he was as successful.

Perhaps the cherry on top was Brooks saying, “Green gets away with a lot,” to which he replied, “I have one fewer technical foul than your dumbass.” Green clearly doesn’t think highly of the six-year pro, partially blaming him for the reason why the Grizzlies aren’t ready to win an NBA title.

Ultimately, Green says he’s not even sure the Grizzlies or his teammates like Brooks. I think we know whether the four-time All-Star ‘likes’ Brooks or not.

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