Draymond Green: Payback against Warriors ‘won’t last long’

David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

After watching the Golden State Warriors dominate the NBA for years with three titles and five consecutive NBA Finals appearances, NBA teams are getting their revenge against Golden State this season. Warriors star Draymond Green wants them to enjoy their fun while it lasts.

In a lost season for the Warriors, mainly due to injuries, they sit at the bottom of the standings with a 12-40 record and are routinely blown out every night. Green is glad other teams are getting their chance to have fun and compete, but the All-Star forward is letting it be known that the payback won’t last for long.

While that kind of confidence from a player on a 12-win team might seem misplaced, Green has a point. The Warriors will get back Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson next season, recreating the unstoppable All-Star trio that helped this team dominate for many years. Golden State could also have a top-three pick and the assets to pull off a trade for another superstar.

The 2019-’20 NBA season has been fun with new teams emerging as the league’s top contenders. We might take Green at his word, though, and the Warriors will certainly look to get their own payback next season with a super team reassembled.