Reporter has Doug Pederson in stitches after ‘premature explosion’ question

During his press conference Monday with beat writers and national reporters, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was hit in the face with an off-the-wall question.

The question came out of left field, so to speak.

Peterson was asked if second-year quarterback Carson Wentz was experiencing a “premature explosion.”

After trying desperately to hold it in, Pederson doubled over in laughter.

The entire room followed suit, because obviously the question came out wrong.

Let’s just say, it seems the Philly media’s love affair with Wentz got taken to a whole new level.

On a serious note, Wentz, the Eagles, their fans and the media there in Philly really does have reason to be grinning from ear to ear. He’s a legit MVP candidate and continues to put up outstanding numbers every week, leading the Eagles to a 10-1 record through Week 12.