‘Don’t Trip’ hat LeBron James wore sold out overnight, created thousands of back orders

LeBron James

LeBron James has some serious clout when it comes to influencing the masses. We’ve seen this play out many times in the past, and another illustration of this played out on Monday night after James and the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Toronto Raptors.

James went to the podium for his post-game interviews wearing a black hat that simply read “Don’t Trip.”

Well, fans loved that hat so much they flocked to the Internet searching for where they could find one. As a result, the company that makes them, Free and Easy, not only sold out overnight but has thousands of back orders for more.

TMZ Sports spoke with Kevin Circosta, founder of the, who said they’d sold out of all 6 colorways by the time he woke up Tuesday. He also said he has no idea how James landed one of the hats because he didn’t provide it, but noted he’s very thankful for the free publicity.

“Thanks King James! This hat is back ordered but more are coming soon.”

So, if you’re looking to land one of those hats yourself, be prepared to wait a bit before it arrives.