Donald Trump defends Tom Brady, says he just dropped his phone

By Rachel Wold

It’s an innocent mistake. You drop your phone onto the concrete or a hard tile surface and crack—your phone has just been ruined. Perhaps in reaching down to pick it up, you accidentally step on it because it definitely could be dark out.

This is what Presidential hopeful Donald Trump would like to believe happened to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s alleged self-destroyed cell phone.

In light of breaking news that the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is upholding Brady’s four-game suspension, Trump went on record to defend the golden quarterback while ripping former NFL quarterback and analyst Mark Brunell.

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

Perhaps Brady can spend his four game suspension interning for Trump. The two would make quite the popular president/vice president candidate duo. Trump currently leads in the polls and people still apparently love Brady, so why not?

Photo: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports