Dolphins’ tank job in full effect, illustrated by one bonkers stat

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins aren’t just a bad football team right now. They are, in fact, on pace to be the worst team in the history of the league. And it’s not particularly close, either.

Through four games, Miami’s 0-4 record speaks for itself. But underneath, it’s even more bleak when you look at the margins in their losses.

  • Week 1: 59-10
  • Week 2: 43-0
  • Week 3: 31-6
  • Week 4: 30-10

Folks, that’s a point differential of -137 points. And as pointed out by Andy Behrens of Yahoo Sports, that projects to a season-long point differential of -548.

As a point of reference, the worst team in NFL history to this point was the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which finished the season with a -287 point differential.

So, if the Dolphins keep losing the way they have so far this season, they’re on pace to nearly double the worst point differential in the history of the NFL.