Disgruntled Fan Turns to “Go Fund Me” to Rid Eagles of Riley Cooper

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have been extremely active over the past week making roster moves left and right.

In a surprisingly bold move, the Eagles traded running back LeSean McCoy this past Wednesday. Additionally, it appears that wide receiver Jeremy Maclin may be on course to reunite with his former Eagles’ coach Andy Reid in Kansas City. And remember, it was just last season that the Eagles parted ways with star wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

With all the moves surrounding Philadelphia, it pretty much has wide receivers Jordan Matthews and Riley Cooper as the team’s top receivers.

However, Cooper remaining with the Eagles is not something one particular Philly fan wants happening in 2015. Arie Mangrum has resorted to “Go Fund Me” to raise funds to help the Eagles to get rid of Cooper.

Here is a little excerpt from Mangrum’s “Go Fund Me”¬†page.

Pro Football Focus graded Cooper as its worst wideout among 110 qualifiers.

Because of a terrible contract after a flash-in-the pan season, the Eagles will owe him $6.2 million unless he is cut with the post-June 1st designation. (equaling 4.8 million against the cap)

…Oh, and unless you forgot, he’s a special kind of racist. Exactly the kind of person you don’t want to root for.

It’s up to us, Eagles fans.

Lurie/Roseman/Kelly don’t want to look dumb by throwing 6 million dollars away. It’s a 1-in-100 situation to see a team give money to a player to make him go away. So let’s cover the bill and let them know what we think about having this guy on the team.

Let’s fund getting Riley Cooper out of Philadelphia, so the Eagles can truly fly.

While we do not really know where this will go since there have been zero dollars of the $5 million requested raised so far, it would appear “Go Fund Me” is basically being used as an outlet for the disgruntled fan to air his frustration.

For the record, Cooper is signed on with the Eagles through 2018 at an average annual salary of $4.5 million. He has put up only 2,091 receiving yards and scored 16 touchdowns over the course of five years.

Then there’s this¬†racist thing.

Photo: USA Today Sports